A respected company, Answer Vending dedicates its time and resources to providing healthy snacks from vending machines built to last, ensuring customers a hassle-free experience. Gone are the days of having to kick a vending machine to get a product. Answer Vending’s state-of-the-art, guaranteed delivery sensors detect when a product goes into the delivery bin. Should a product not drop into the bin, customers are asked to either make another selection or get their money back. Tens of millions of customers use Answer Vending’s machines in New York, Long Island, Connecticut, and New Jersey. Answer Vending ensures that its machines offer the latest in green technology and employs Energy Star-rated beverage machines, HFC-free compressor technology, EnergyMiser energy controls, and LED lighting to increase energy efficiency, ultimately saving the customer money.

In addition, Answer Vending’s program Get In The Cool Zone addresses the country’s growing obesity problem as it works with businesses and schools to provide snacks and beverages that meet the organizations’ guidelines. A socially responsible company, Answer Vending aids hundreds of New York schools in meeting their fund-raising goals and has increased the commissions it pays by 200-percent over the previous provider. Answer Vending guarantees it will pay more commissions than the prior vendor and the high-quality products it provides increase revenues, as well. Answer Vending uses relationships with manufacturers to help schools acquire sponsorship in the form of cash, scoreboards, and more, and the company introduced a lucrative Gatorade program to many customers.

As partners in schools’ and businesses’ wellness goals, Answer Vending stocks the best-selling products to promote a healthy lifestyle at prices that help the budget conscious. Answer Vending management demonstrates its commitment to community efforts and to that end supports those in need, the YMCA of the USA, and the Boys’ Club of New York. Answer Vending’s CEO and President, who sits on the board of the YMCA, received an award from both that organization for providing healthy vending choices to 1 million children and an award for helping those who are underserved from New York State Senator Frank Padavan.


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